It has been almost 3 years since I released my last record, Devil in the Details, and I figured it was high time to get some new material out there. Since I have been playing the majority of my shows as a solo act lately, it seemed to make more sense to put something out there that reflected the more stripped-down nature of what I was doing. However, not content to just put out a solo acoustic record, I invited my guitarist (Dan Marcus) and bassist (Catherine Popper) to sit in on a few tracks to fill things out a little. What came out of that was my new EP, WHEN THE DAY BREAKS. Recorded between February and April 2010 (with one track recorded last summer), it's a collection of songs that deal with everything from the typical theme of love & loss, to the Great Flood of 1927, to the plight of a soldier, to the story of a trucker who can't seem to give up the road. I'm incredibly proud of this record, as it's probably the most intimate work I've ever done, as well as some of the best songs I think I've ever written, which is why I want to share it with as many people as possible by giving it away for FREE. Just go to: on June 8th, enter your e-mail address and where you'e located, and it's all yours! I truly hope you enjoy it and will pass the link on to all your friends, family and colleagues.